Mini Reunion

Aug. 8, 2020: Classmates gathered night of original reunion date at Pease Golf Course for dinner. Attending- Jim Miller, Pamela Gove, Rich Greer, Nancy and Andy Jaffe, Peter Smart

Marjorie Brennan (Nickulas) and her husband Bill

Ed Hathaway & Dan Nelson

Diane Schmigle and Pat Remick

Bill Clifford, Mark L’Itelien, Fred Barbour and Peter Smart

Sheila Quinn and Diane Schmigle

Joanne Wendell, Kathy Hatch, Debbie Minnis

Dr. Rich Greer - In search of polar bear dens on the Arctic ice cap at Deadhorse Airport, Alaska

Doris and Candace Regan

Iconic Yoken's sign on Rte. 1
(donated and restored to City of Portsmouth)

Dr. Rich Greer - penguin colonies in Isla Pinguinos National Park, Puerto Deseado, Argentina

Jim Miller and Pete Smart

Sean and Gail Maguire

Rich Peyser and Patty Gould - DC

Where is Nancy Nickerson?

Ed Hathaway on the Inca foot highway nearing Machu Picchu, Peru.

Old North Church